This is a page where I keep track of all the articles and whatnot that I’ve been reading in the clean energy crypto space. I’ll try to keep it a little bit organized. no promises. Hope you enjoy!


How Much Energy Does Bitcoin Actually Consume? – Great article by Nic Carter in the HBR. The central theme is the fact that all industries consume energy, and we have to put the energy burden of bitcoin into perspective. Also gets into ideas about how bitcoin mining can and likely will become more clean over time as electric supply decarbonizes and mining operations take advantage of waste energy and intermittent resources.

BITCOIN MINING WITH CLEAN ENERGY CHANGES THE WORLD – Slightly misleading title from this bitcoinmagazine article, but it is generally about the idea of mining with clean energy resources. Lots of great references.

Cool Companies, Projects, Milestones

Powerledger pilot in India leads to legislative change – Very cool project from PowerLedger in a town in UP, India. Exciting that not only was the technology successful (e.g. blockchain recorded all P2P transactions, lowered energy rates by 43%), but it lead directly to legislative changes requiring all utilities in the state of UP to make provisions for P2P trading.