Welcome to Clean Tech Crypto!

Hello there! I’m really into both clean energy and cryptocurrency. So I started this site to put my thoughts down somewhere. The idea is to have an organized place where I can try and keep track of all my thoughts on clean tech companies in the crypto space. 

I have a few ideas. First, I’d like to write down all of the things I know something about in the form of some educational articles. So I’ll write up my understanding of energy systems, clean energy technologies, cryptocurrencies, blockchain, and the main players in those sectors. A little more background on me – I’m an electrical engineer by education and I’ve been working in the power industry for about 8 years. So be warned that my opinions and analysis may gravitate towards the energy side of things more than the blockchain side of things. 

In addition to that that background info, I’d also like to do some more current-events-style research on actual companies in the space. There are tons of companies that are attempting/planning/claiming to apply blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies to the clean energy industry. It’s safe to say that there are a large number of companies out there, and it’s not clear yet as to how many (if any) are successfully leveraging blockchain to add value or be successful in the energy industry. But it’s fun to read about them!

As a disclaimer, I’m currently invested in (read: gambling on) a few companies in this particular area: WePower (WPR), Restart Energy (MWAT), and SolarCoin (SLR). More specifically I own WPR, MWAT, and SLR tokens. Safe to say none of those have worked out financially so far. There are plenty of other interesting companies in the space that either don’t offer tokens to the public or that I haven’t bought any from (e.g. Power LedgerSunContract, Energy Web Foundation, LO3 Energy, etc.). Safe to say I picked the wrong tokens.

Alrighty, here we go!